Morphing Matter Lab at Carnegie Mellon University 

NSF REU Summer Research Assistant

Collaborators: Adriane F. Minori 
PI: Lining Yao 
June 2022 - August 2022

This summer, I worked in the Morphing Matter Lab directed by Lining Yao at Carnegie Mellon University as a research assistant to Adraiane F. Minori. 

This summer’s research was generously funded by the National Science Foundation REU and RISD SPUR Fund. 

︎︎︎ an ongoing biodegradable robotics project with Adriane F. Minori and Reece Withermore 
︎︎︎ a LCE (liquid crystal elastomer) hackathon with PhD students in Dr. Shu Yang’s Lab at the University of Pennsylvania 

I am currently unable to disclose additional specific details on the project until further notice.

For now, here’s a crazy photo from my time on campus: