Future Foods Cookbook: “At the Mill”

Hawai’i: Art Science of Conservation

Collaborators: Andrea Deszo, Lucy Spelman, and the Donkey Mill Arts Center 
Janurary 2022

I attended a RISD Global class to the Big Island in Hawai’i taught by Andrea Deszo and Lucy Spelman. We were guided by Miho Morinoue and Gerald Lucena at the Donkey Mill Art Center in Captain Cook, Kona. 

As a 3rd generation Korean-Japanese-Chinese-American, I have learned about and celebrated my culture through food. As a researcher, I read about “climate-proof” future foods. As a student in this program, I was able to meld two of my passions to write this book and begin to explore the question: 

︎ How might future foods meld with cultural practice in a desolate climate future? 

This is an ongoing project. Please visit this link to view the most recent iteration.

Here is a quick sample of the book ︎︎︎