MIT Media Lab: Fluid Interfaces

Collaborators: Natailya KosmynaGun BolukbasiLouis Hand, Chris Markus, and more
December 2020 - current

AttentivU is a device in the form factor of a pair of glasses, which senses brain activity and eye movements to measure different cognitive processes in real-time, including cognitive load, fatigue, and engagement.

AttentivU is developed by Natailya Kosmyna at MIT Media Lab in the Fluid Interfaces group.

I have worked as an ergonomics researcher and designer within a larger interdisciplinary group of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer scientists, and more. I recruited my lovely friends Gun and Louis to expand the design team to develop different methods of ergonomic design for wearable technology and push the design towards commercialization.

This project is under an NDA. Please email me at to read further.