Design Principles II Final with Prof. Ayako Mauryama 
May 2022 

Alter is an app based around encouraging food as a method for wellbeing and self-care. 

The initial research was aimed at looking at why food waste occurs for the largest consumer group- the working middle class. Through a lengthy interview process, I found that food waste wasn’t largely considered as food wasn’t largely considered. Further, I found that immediate deciscions and actions around food were stressful, counter to a general feeling of enjoyment around food. 

diagram to visualize the counter-inutitive nature of daily food rituals and feelings. data gathered from interviews.


I created Alter as an product to alleviate stress around food decisions and to encourage food as a ritual practice as a way to find gratitude, respect, and a sense of self care when eating in daily life. 

Research Questions: 

Part A: 
︎︎︎ Where does food waste occur in the daily life of a normal working citizen? 
︎︎︎ Why is food waste created? 

Part B:
︎︎︎ What are your emotional ties to food? 
︎︎︎ What feelings do you associate with your favorite food? 
︎︎︎ What feelings do you associate with food choices on a daily basis? 

Process and Ideation: 

Diagram to visualize the deciscion making process around food & the intervention points

Diagram to visualize different ways the app could be used and points where different functions that could be useful. This is an iterative process and is not the final app flow.

diagram to visualize data collection 

important interview quotes

fast food offers a quick and easy solution to food options but is often costly and unhealthy

From the interview process I was better able to understand that the way we make descions around food in daily life is counterintutitive to our general feelings around it. 

Factors include: time being a commodity that few can afford, the mental health epidemic, the American health epidemic, the increasing wealth disparity in the US, and more. 


wireframe iteration 1

app pitch itereation 1

Branding Ideation:

moodboard and inspiration 

branding ideation

︎︎︎ Alter is being re-wireframed and is undergoing some updates.
Please check back later for the current iteration ︎︎︎